Super 6 creates first millionaire in dramatic win for Manchester United fan

Jack Rodwell helped create the first ever Super 6 millionaire on Saturday - but also left another fan broken hearted.

The Sunderland midfielder's late goal in his team's 2-1 home defeat to Sheffield United proved decisive on a day when the £1m jackpot was guaranteed to be given away.

Before Rodwell scored, another Super 6 player was in line to win - but his effort meant the prize pot went to Grace Berry from Shoreham-on-Sea instead.

The 24-year-old Manchester United supporter said: "It was amazing, I thought it was a joke when Super 6 phoned me to tell me I'd won. I still can't believe it."

With nobody among 1,442,385 entrants correctly predicting the score of all six games, Rodwell's goal meant Grace was one of three players tied on 24 points.

The contest was then decided by the 'Golden Goal' tie breaker, where players had to guess what minute the first goal of the day would be score in.

Through her partner Matt, Grace went with the 6th minute as it linked to the date of their first anniversary in June.

With Danny Wellbeck scoring at that point during Arsenal's 3-0 win over Bournemouth, Grace came out on top - and now she's going to use her winnings to buy a house with Matt.

Speaking in a video message, former Everton player Rodwell said: "Congratulations Grace, I've found out my goal's made you the first ever Soccer Saturday Super 6 millionaire.

"Although it wasn't a great result for us, I'm sure it will be a day you'll never forget. Congratulations."

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