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  • Does it cost to play?

    No, it’s FREE to play Soccer Saturday Super 6.

  • How do I register?

    Just click join, complete your personal details and choose a User ID and PIN to register. If you have a Sky Bet account, you can use your Sky Bet User ID and PIN for a quicker and easier way to register for Super 6, plus you’ll be able to use the same User ID and PIN for Sky Vegas, Sky Poker, Sky Bingo and Sky Sports Fantasy Football.

  • Can I use my Sky Bet account?

    Yes you can, use the same log in details as you would for Sky Bet.

  • Can I have more than one entry?

    No. Only one account is allowed per person. Multiple accounts will be closed. Only one entry per week is allowed per person. If the Promoter has reasonable grounds to believe that multiple accounts have been opened by or are under the control of the same person, all such accounts shall be closed and all entries by such player and/or accounts will be disqualified from participating in the Promotion or receiving any prizes.

  • What can I win?

    Jackpot Competition
    The Jackpot Competition prize is £250,000 unless otherwise specified. This prize is awarded to the player who correctly predicts the scores in ALL six Super 6 fixtures in a relevant week. If there are two or more players who have correctly predicted the score of all six Super 6 fixtures, the Jackpot Competition prize will be split equally amongst those players.

    Weekly Competition
    Subject to below, the consolation prize for each Super 6 Promotion week is £5,000 (unless otherwise specified). This prize is awarded to the player (other than any winner of the Jackpot Competition) who scores the highest number of points in a Super 6 week. At least one Super 6 fixture must be completed during the relevant week in order for the £5,000 guaranteed weekly prize to be awarded. If two or more players have the same number of points, the winner will be the player whose Golden Goal predictions is closest to the actual time of the first goal. If two or more players predicted Golden Goals which were equally close to the time of the first goal, the weekly prize will be split equally amongst those players.

    Get 5 Bonus
    If the Weekly Competition winner (as determined above in clause 8(ii)) has correctly predicted the scores for five (5) of the Super 6 fixtures that week, they will be awarded an additional bonus. This bonus will stand at £1,000 (unless advertised otherwise) on top of the Weekly Competition. In the case of ties as defined in the Weekly Competition above the Get 5 Bonus rollover prize will be split equally between all winners of the Weekly Competition.

  • When do I have to submit my predictions?

    Your predictions will have to be submitted by the kick off of the first game of the round as advertised on the game site.

  • Can I change my selections?

    Once you have submitted your selections, you can make changes to these via the website at anytime, up until the kick off of the first game in the round.

  • How do I score points?

    You recieve 2 points for every correct result or 5 points for a correct score (maximum of 5 points for each game).

  • What is the Golden Goal?

    The Golden Goal is the prediction for the time of first goal in any of the Super 6 fixtures. You are asked to make this prediction when you make your correct score predictions. It is used as a decider to determine the finishing places for the guaranteed weekly and monthly competitions. It is not used as part of the Jackpot Competition.

    When two or more people have the same number of points, the person who has correctly predicted (or is closest to) the actual time of first goal will be placed highest. It could determine who wins a prize. To clarify, the timing of goals scored will be recorded as follows: 0 - 59 seconds = 1st minute, 1m00s – 1m:59s = 2nd minute and so on. For example if you select minute 6 for the Golden Goal then you will be looking for the first goal to be scored between 5m00s – 5m59s.

  • How do I find out how I did?

    Log in and head to the Results section. You can use the drop down box or the arrows to select a specific Round or Month.

  • How do I follow my friends?

    Simply head to the ‘League’ tab and search for your friends. Click on the star next to their name to follow them, you will then be able to compare your scores and find out who is the Soccer Saturday Super 6 King or Queen.

    To unfollow anyone simply click on the star again.

  • What is the monthly league?

    The Monthly league is compiled using the number of points scored during a calendar month.

  • What is the season league?

    The Season league is compiled using the number of points scored from the start of Super 6 until the last round in May.

  • How do I change my details?

    Log in and go to My Account. You can update your details in this section.

  • What happens when matches are postponed?

    If any Super 6 match is postponed, abandoned or not completed (i.e. less than 90mins played) the match will be considered void. If only five matches are completed the £250,000 jackpot will be reduced to £20,000. If only four matches are completed the jackpot will be reduced to £5,000. If three or less matches are completed in the week, the Jackpot Competition will be void for that week. At least one match must be completed in order for the £5,000 weekly prize to be awarded.

  • Terms & Conditions

    To find out the Terms and Conditions of playing Super 6 click here.

  • I have an account query, where can I find help?

    For details and FAQs on your Super 6 account, please click here.

  • How can I contact you?

    If you have a query regarding your Super 6 account, please check the "How can I contact you?" section of the account FAQ. Alternatively, if your query is related to your log-in details, these can be recovered or confirmed online.

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